10 wickedly easy and cheap Halloween costume ideas

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca  

The witching hour is drawing near…will you be ready? If preparing your family for the annual Halloween haunt has you feeling spooked, have no fear—designing cool and creative costumes need not be a hair-raising experience. These quick, easy, and inexpensive ideas for last-minute costumes are perfect for a night of trick-or-treating or the masquerade party, and won’t scare the money out of your wallet. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  • Vampire. With the popularity of Twilight, vampires will be all the rage this year. This disguise can be simple—wear black clothing and add fake teeth, black lipstick, nail polish and eyeliner, with a touch of red blood, and a cape. Shopper’s Drug Mart and Rexall PharmaPlus have all your make-up essentials.
  • Ghost with a twist. An old favourite gets a new look! Make a ghost costume out of a bed sheet and dress it up. Add a wig, false eyelashes and lipstick for a Glamour Ghost; a tiara, jewellery and boa or a top hat and black jacket for a Rich Ghost; a hockey helmet and jersey for a Sports Ghost… you get the idea. Just use your imagination!
  • Bunch of grapes. Blow up purple balloons to the same size and attach them all over a purple or green sweat suit with tape or small safety pins. A green hat covered with grape leaves completes the look.
  • Static cling. Start with a dark coloured sweat suit and pin on socks, mittens, hats, underwear and dryer sheets. For an added touch, spray hair straight up in the air. Check out the Wal-Mart flyer for great deals on all the items you’ll need.
  • Spider. Get a hooded black sweat suit, three pairs of children’s black tights and black gloves. Cut the tights in half and stuff them to make six of the spider’s legs—the child’s arms are the other two legs—and attach them to the sweat suit at chest level.
  • Highway. Take a black sweat suit, and add yellow and white tape to create road lines and markings—reflective tape works well and is great for safety. With a glue gun, affix a collection of cars, trucks and street signs. Check out the Fabricland flyer for lots of options for great reflective materials.
  • Gift. Get a cardboard box and cut holes for the arms, legs and head. Cover with wrapping paper—using Christmas paper makes it a holiday gift. Check out Michael’s for ribbons and a gift tag, plus a bow for the head.
  • Dust bunny. Take a grey sweat suit and using spray glue, cover it with dryer lint or cotton batting. Add a bunny tail, bunny ears, and paint on a nose and whiskers.
  • Pile of leaves. Collect brightly coloured red and gold autumn leaves and glue them to a brown or green sweat suit and matching hat. You can also carry a rake, or pin a garbage bag at waist level with holes cut for the legs to become a bag of leaves.
  • Formal wear. If you have an evening gown or tuxedo you never wear, take it out on the town for Halloween night. Dress it up for red carpet glam, or paint your face like a zombie or vampire. Old bridesmaids dresses work great too—add a skeleton mask, cover yourself in cobwebs and tell people you’re “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”.
  • Last-minute treats. Do you have enough goodies for all the ghosts and goblins that will come a-knockin’? Metro and Overwaitea have devilish deals on sweet treats they’ll love.
  • Be seen and be safe. Be sure your little trick-or-treaters have reflective tape on their costumes to help motorists see them. And drivers, slow down on Halloween night and watch for excited goblins that may dash out into the street.

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Plan and save – 8 Thanksgiving tips

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As Canadians we have so much to be thankful for, why not make this holiday an extra-special event this year. The key to hosting a fun, festive and unforgettable feast without knocking the stuffing out of your budget is planning. These 8 handy tips will help you prepare a superb celebration…and you’ll be thankful for all the savings.

Buy local produce. The hot and sunny Canadian summer we enjoyed this year has produced an outstanding crop. Visit your local farmer’s market for a cornucopia of fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits, all home grown and perfect for preserves, baking and Thanksgiving dinner.

Size up your turkey. When buying your bird, plan for approximately 0.6 to 0.75 kg per person, or 1.3 to 1.5 lbs. For 10 people that would be a 6 to 7.5 kg or 13 to 15 lb. turkey. The quantities will vary depending on how many dishes you’re serving, the appetites of your guests and if you want to have leftovers.

Serve up a new dish. Thanksgiving is a time for family traditions and you may plan the same menu year after year. Surprise your guests with a delicious new dish or two—your local Michael-Angelo’s, Highland Farms, Loblaws and Metro locations offer mouth-watering recipe ideas in store. You may just find a new family favourite!

Stock up on staples. If your Thanksgiving feast includes a selection of sweet treats, stock up on baking supplies when they’re on sale. If you buy in bulk, these can last you through the Christmas season. Visit Flyerland.ca and see the Save-On-Foods, No Frills and Food Basics and Overwaitea flyers for bountiful bargains.

 Show your holiday spirit. Decorating your home for autumn and Thanksgiving is a delightful way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Use harvest time items like pumpkins, colourful squash and vibrant leaves, or check out the Michael’s flyer on Flyerland.ca for holiday decoration deals.

Make the most of your leftovers. When serving up a holiday feast, you prepare an abundance of food. Your local Superstore is sure to have creative recipe ideas for cooking with all those leftovers, or check out Canadian Living Magazine.

Plan the entertainment. Organize fun activities for your guests like a movie night or board game tournament. Check out the Walmart flyer on Flyerland.ca for savings on new and exciting games.

Take a trip. For most people, Thanksgiving is the last long weekend before the holiday season. Plan a getaway to a country resort and enjoy the spectacular fall colours. See the travel section on Flyerland.ca for last-minute savings.

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8 Fall Beauty Tips and Tricks

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca

As the hot summer days turn cool and crisp, we usually update our wardrobe with the latest fall colours and styles. This year, give your beauty routine a boost too! You may think it’s expensive to invest in a full fall cosmetic collection and update your skin care system for the new season. With these tips, you’ll fall for your new—and affordable—autumn look.

  • Fall for autumn colours. Look online and check out the latest magazines to discover the hottest colour trends for fall. Visit Rexall Pharma Plus and choose one favourite that will update your makeup collection.
  •  Indulge in a makeover. Not sure which new colours are best for you? Get a makeover! Let the beauty experts recommend new colours and application techniques that will refresh your style for the fall season. Many stores like The Bay and Sears offer free makeovers with no obligation to buy…but you may not be able to resist!
  • Protect your skin. As the seasons change so should your skin care routine. Colder temperatures can dry your skin and you may need the extra protection of a heavier moisturizer. Check out the flyers at Flyerland.ca for specials on your favourite brands, or if you find a great deal, try a new product.
  • Read and compare prices. Magazines like Chatelaine and LouLou research and report on products so check out the reviews before you buy. Visit the Flyerland.ca website for special subscription savings.
  • Treat your tresses. Update your appearance with a new haircut or colour, or just add a few highlights to lift your look. The colder weather means you’ll want to deep condition your hair more often to keep it at its shiny best—see the Zellers and Walmart flyers on Flyerland.ca for beautiful bargains on hair products.
  • Get your “Gift with Purchase”. Each season retailers offer gift with purchase deals including super samples of the hottest colours. This is a great time to stock up on staples like creams and moisturizers to qualify for your free gift and try the latest shades risk-free.
  • Buy bargain brands. When it comes to makeup and skincare products, a higher price tag doesn’t always mean higher quality. Your local Shopper’s Drug Mart offers great products at great savings—see their flyers on Flyerland.ca.
  • Take stock. Go through your bathroom cabinets and clear out old makeup and creams to make room for your fresh new fall purchases. And if you don’t know how long you’ve had a product, it’s likely expired so throw it out!

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7 ideas for all-star savings on sports equipment

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca

Encouraging kids to play organized sports in school and community leagues is a great way to get them moving, plus help them learn new skills and the important lesson of sportsmanship. But with the high cost of outfitting your aspiring athletes, you may want to throw in the towel. With these all-star tips for saving on sports equipment, you can teach your kids the value of team spirit…and the value of a dollar.

  • Shop online. With Internet shopping it has never been easier to catch the best bargains on sports stuff. Visit Flyerland.ca to compare prices in the flyers from your favourite stores—SportCheck, National Sports, Zellers, Walmart and more.
  • Set a Price Watch Alert. A great feature on Flyerland.ca! If you find a product you like but the cost is out of your league, you can set a target price for the item that better suits your budget. When the price falls, you’ll be automatically notified by email. This service is especially great for high ticket items.
  • Check out the classified sites. Visit web sites that list classified ads in your local area. Search the roster for the sports equipment you need at championship prices.
  • Organize a sports swap. Kids grow so fast it’s likely their equipment from last year won’t fit this year. Get together with friends, neighbours and other teams and organize a sports swap. This idea works best with little athletes of different ages.
  • Buy used equipment. There are retailers like Play it Again Sports that specialize in selling gently used sports equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new. With pricey sports like skiing and hockey you can score big savings.
  • Shop the end of season sales. Now is the ideal time to shop for equipment for summer sports such as softball, soccer, and tennis and win the end of season savings game. Be sure to mark it on your calendar for the spring to shop the winter sports sales too. 
  • Help kids get in the game. The Canadian Tire Jump Start program helps kids in financial need get involved in organized sports and recreation. You can help by making a donation or purchasing your sports equipment at Canadian Tire during one of the fundraising events. Check out the Canadian Tire flyer on Flyerland.ca for deals and details.

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7 Ideas for the Ultimate Slumber Party

From PJs to popcorn to pillow fights, sleepovers are a popular party pick for children’s birthdays, back to school reunions and other special occasions. Most kids have been to lots of slumber parties, so hosting the event of their dreams will take a little organization and imagination. These creative tips will help you plan a gathering the kids are sure to remember…and mom and dad won’t lose sleep over the cost!

  • Save on party supplies. Get the party started with invitations, plates, napkins, and decorations in bright colours and cool designs. Check out the Walmart flyer on Flyerland.ca for outstanding prices.
  • Choose a fun theme. Wake up the celebration by choosing an entertaining theme like Academy Award Night. Roll out the red carpet, have guests dress in their Hollywood best, watch Oscar winning films and decorate with gold and glittering stars. Or select another popular theme like Lost, Twilight or Canadian Idol—it’s fun to get creative! Michael’s has all of your theme-party supplies.
  • Plan the party space. Ask each guest to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, and set up the party in the rec room with a TV to watch movies or hold a video game tournament, a CD player for music, board games and more. Be sure to have water and healthy snacks nearby. See the Zellers flyer on Flyerland.ca for deals on CDs, DVDs and games.
  • Create edible art. For an amusing activity and meal all in one have the kids make their own food. Pizza is an easy choice—simply buy or make pizza dough, roll it out and let the kids create fun shapes. Load up with sauce, cheese and healthy toppings and they can feast on their masterpieces.  Check out the deals at Loblaws, Save-On-Foods or Metro and stock up.
  • Pick out new PJs. The perfect pyjamas are an important part of the ultimate slumber party, so choose new ones for the occasion. Or give each guest new jammies instead of a loot bag. Visit Flyerland.ca for special savings from Sears and The Bay.
  • Organize a “big girl” slumber party. Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you have to give up sleepovers! Plan a fabulous evening with friends—have everyone bring their favourite food, do manicures and pedicures, and watch all the best chick flicks. Or check out travel deals on Flyerland.ca and escape to a resort complete with a relaxing spa and delicious dining.

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7 Thoughtful Ideas for Grandparents Day

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca

Grandparents Day has been celebrated in Canada since 1995 on the first Sunday after Labour Day. Originating in the U.S. in the 1970s, the idea was to recognize the important contributions made by senior citizens. This year, why not show how much you care by planning a special celebration for grandma and grandpa on September 12. These great ideas will help you plan a grand day, with tips for every budget.

  • Create a memory book. Buy a beautiful book or album and fill it with photos, cards, letters, newspaper clippings, and tales featuring the entire family. Spend time with your grandparents to learn more about their stories and memories, and continue to add to this commemorative book.  Wal-Mart, Chapter’s and Indigo have a huge selection of beautiful albums to house your collection.
  • Share their hobbies. Does grandma enjoy baking, painting or playing cards? Is grandpa a fisherman, golfer or car enthusiast? Plan to share their hobbies with them on Grandparents Day—the best part will be the time you spend together!  Check out Flyerland.ca for coupons or special deals on the activities they love.
  • Picture the memories. Go through old photo albums to find favourite family photos and scan them. If a photo is damaged, you can use a photo restoration service to repair and restore family heirlooms—visit Flyerland.ca and try the service offered by Black’s Photography. Once the photos are digitized upload them to a digital photo frame (available at Best Buy or Future Shop) or make a beautiful print as a special gift.
  •  Tackle the “to do” list. Help your grandparents out with the tasks they need done around the house or yard—from small repairs to preparing the garden for fall or technical help setting up the computer or DVD player. Whatever the chore, they’re sure to appreciate a helping hand!
  • Grow your family tree. Take the time to sit down with your grandparents to help fill in the blanks, and enjoy stories from days gone by.
  • Give homemade gifts. Cards and gifts the kids have made with their own hands and give from the heart is a thoughtful way to honour grandparents on their special day. Michael’s has all the supplies you’ll need at great prices—see their flyer on Flyerland.ca.
  • Visit a retirement home. When the kids are making cards and gifts, create a few extras then visit a local retirement home and share them with the residents. This is sure to bring smiles to the faces of those grandparents whose families are far away.

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7 fun ideas for Labour Day weekend

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca

Our Canadian summer is so short that it’s hard to believe the final long weekend of the season is almost here. But many of us are so caught up in the back to school bustle that we don’t get to enjoy the last blast of summer. This year, plan a Labour Day celebration! The best news is you don’t have to break your budget to end your summer with a bang.

  • Finish back to school shopping early. You don’t want to spend your last weekend of the summer in crowded stores with the stress of getting the family ready for back to school. Finish your shopping before the long weekend so you can relax and have fun. Walmart and Office Depot have great deals on right now.
  • Make exciting plans. It’s easy to let a long weekend slip away puttering around the house, so be sure to make a plan! Organize an outing to a local attraction or entertainment venue the whole family will enjoy. Visit Flyerland.ca for savings at Attractions Ontario.
  • Host a party.  Get together with friends and neighbours for the last hurrah of the summer! Fire up the grill and make it a potluck, asking the gang to bring salads and sides, desserts and drinks. Stock up on food and party supplies at Loblaws,  and Walmart—you can view the flyers on Flyerland.ca.
  •  Get away. Labour Day weekend is the ideal time for a mini holiday. Whether you head out of town or stay in your own city, you’ll come home refreshed and ready to face the fall. Check out Flyerland.ca for last-minute discount travel deals from TravelAlerts.
  • Finish your summer to do list. Is there an activity you’ve wanted to do all summer that you just didn’t get to? Get out and do it! This is your last chance for summer fun, so make the most of your long weekend.
  •  Shop the end of season sales. If your barbecue is burnt out and your patio set is past its prime, replace them and save at the end of summer sales. See the Home Depot and Canadian Tire flyers on Flyerland.ca for the best prices of the season.
  • Relax. The busy fall season is about to begin so take a well-deserved break on the holiday. Treat yourself to a relaxing home spa day, read a book in the backyard, or plan a family movie night with a summertime theme.

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