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Globe and Mail Home Cents Back to School



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Saving money on Healthy Eating

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Holiday Saving Tips

Flyerland’s Debbie Frye was recently featured on Roger’s Daytime in Toronto giving tips on how to be smart with your holiday shopping budget.

On everything from where to get a good deal, to tips for shopping online, Debbie has practical advise for any one looking to streamline their holiday shopping process.

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7 hot tips to prepare your family for the cold winter

By Debbie Frye, General Manager,

As the weather turns frosty and the snow begins to fly, you may have the urge to hibernate. There is no question that the Canadian winter can be long, so my best advice is to bundle up and enjoy! But the high cost of outfitting the entire gang and preparing for this snowy season can really leave you out in the cold. With these tips you can get your family ready for winter, keep everyone warm and healthy…and your savings will snowball!

  • Bundle up and save. Have each child try on their winter coats, boots and other cold weather clothing to find out which items fit, can be handed down, or will be donated to charity. Make a list of the clothing you need, then go online to and shop the sales at stores like Sears, SportChek, Old Navy and Zellers.
  • Save on sports equipment. Preparing kids for winter sports like hockey, figure skating, skiing and snowboarding can be a slippery slope to overspending. Kids outgrow their equipment quickly, so try a trade-in program at a store like Play it Again Sports. The kids can have fun all winter long and you can save money.
  • Host a winter gear swap. If you have friends with children of different ages, organize a swap for winter clothing and other gear. Invite everyone over for an afternoon, and trade your gently used winter attire and sports items.
  • Wrap your family in warm comfort. Before the mercury dips take an inventory of your winter linens—from duvets and comforters to sheets and blankets. Donate old items to charity and check the Wal-Mart flyer on for deals on winter bedding to keep your family warm and cozy. 
  • Clear out the medicine cabinet. Check the expiry dates on all of last year’s cold and flu remedies in your medicine cabinet, and throw away any out of date items. If you can’t find the expiry date, remember that when in doubt, throw it out! Make a list of the medicines you need to replace.
  • Stock up on cold remedies. When your kids get sick in the middle of the night, you want to have all the cold and flu medicine you need on hand to help them feel better fast. Visit and check out the Rexall Pharma Plus flyer for their regular Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) sales so you can stock up when the items you know you’ll need.
  • Seek Advice.  For everything from cold remedies, chicken soup recipes and questions you should ask your orthodontist, Canadian magazines like Today’s Parent on have you covered. Getting to know the inside tips and tricks and ensure that you and your family stay healthy over the cold winter months.

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7 tips for holiday wish lists

By Debbie Frye, General Manager,

Many of you may remember the excitement of receiving the Christmas “Wish Book” in the mail, a catalogue filled with holiday toys and treasures straight from Santa’s workshop. You would peruse every page, trying to narrow down your present picks to send in a letter to Santa Claus. Now, as you sit down with your own children to help them write their letters to the jolly old elf, you can take this opportunity to teach lessons about budgeting, the value of a dollar and the spirit of giving.

  • Plan a “prepare for the holidays” day. Getting ready for the holidays can be a fun family event! Put on festive music, then decorate the house, bake cookies, address cards and help your kids write their letters to Santa. Michael’s has all the supplies you need to transform your home into a winter wonderland.
  • Set expectations. Before the kids begin their holiday wish lists give them a limit on the number of gifts or the dollar value. This can encourage them to keep their requests simple and ask for reasonable items. They can help Santa by comparing prices online at
  • Search for gifts online. The Internet makes the perfect wish book! You and the kids can gather around the computer screen to search for specific items, check out what’s new, and easily compare prices to find the savings of the season.
  • Clear out their toy boxes. To make room for the new gifts on their wish lists, have your kids clear out their bedrooms, closets and storage boxes to find the toys and games they no longer use. Donate gently used items to charity or the local holiday bazaar.
  • Encourage the spirit of giving. While writing their own wish lists, have your children choose a gift to donate to a child in need. Bring the kids with you to the organization to deliver the gifts in person and experience the spirit of giving. Toys ‘R’ Us offers a big variety at even bigger savings.
  • Buy for teachers and friends. Make a list of teachers and friends your children want to give gifts to this year and set a budget. Watch for good deals and if you find one, buy a bunch! Walmart has affordable choices for their favourite teachers and BFFs.
  • Don’t forget mom and dad. Parents can write their own wish lists too. If they’re dreaming of a big ticket item under the tree, makes it easy to find the best deals by setting up a Price Watch Alert. When the item goes on sale, they’ll be notified by email.

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7 tips to wrap up the perfect holiday vacation

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, 

As the seasons change and the weather turns colder, are images of holiday hot spots dancing in your head? Then celebrate the festive season by giving the gift of a family getaway! If you think the holidays is a costly and chaotic time to travel, check out these tips. Whether your ideal vacation involves sand or snow, you can wrap up the perfect trip and keep more cash in your money belt.

  • Book early. Last-minute travel deals can save you cash. But during the busy holiday season you need to book early—fares generally rise closer to the holidays, plus you’ll have less selection. Visit the travel section on for special savings on sun and ski vacations.
  • Do your research. If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, go online to check out all the possibilities. And don’t hesitate to go big—a cruise is fantastic for families or exotic travel like Hawaii or Europe can be affordable if you find the right deal on with
  • Travel on off-peak dates. Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are busy times to fly, so avoid airport headaches and travel off-peak. Christmas Day is the least hectic, so celebrating early or late can save you time and money. And avoid returning home on the Sunday before the kids go back to school—stay an extra day if you can.
  • Check your points program. Have you accumulated a ton of travel miles? Some points programs have blackout dates, so find out if you can use your miles for your festive family getaway to save money.
  • Sign-up for vacation savings programs. Many hotel chains offer discount programs, coupon books, meal plans and more, so be sure to sign-up for these deals before you leave. Spending a bit of extra time online can land you a lot of extra savings.
  • Tell Santa your travel plans. If you have small children, the visit from Santa Claus is very important! Consider opening gifts before you leave, or packing a few presents from Santa for the big day—Toys ‘R’ Us is tops on every wish list. In letters to Santa, be sure to tell him you’re celebrating early or give your vacation destination so he knows where to deliver the presents.
  • Give vacation themed gifts. When purchasing presents for the kids, give gifts they can use on their holiday—beach stuff for a sun and sand vacation and new ski equipment for a snowy holiday. Also, plan fun activities kids can do on the plane or while travelling—Walmart has lots of great ideas to keep little ones busy.

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Comfort food – how to save on family favourites

By Debbie Frye, General Manager,   

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and this is especially true when the leaves turn colour and the autumn air turns chilly. That’s when so many of us head inside to enjoy the welcoming warmth of hearty comfort foods. But if you think your homemade favourites have to be high in fat and high in price, read on. These tasty tips for traditional dishes will make you feel cosy while saving you calories and cash.

  • Pick local produce. The gorgeous, hot summer has produced a beautiful and abundant crop this year, and there’s still time to save money buying local Canadian grown foods at fall fairs and farmer’s markets.
  • Spice it up! Stock up on sugar, spice and other nice staples when they’re on sale. That way, you’ll have these ingredients on hand when you need them and won’t have to make a last-minute run to the store in harsh weather. Visit and compare prices at your local retailers.
  • Try healthier twists on filling favourites. Your favourite comfort food may be filling with “stick to your ribs” goodness, but it doesn’t have to be calorie-rich. Try whole wheat pasta and low fat cheese in your mac and cheese, lean ground chicken instead of beef in your chilli and vegetarian lasagne. You’ll find these ingredients at your local Overwaitea, Save-on-Foods, Michael-Angelo’s or Highland Farms.
  • Plan a cooking day. Make cooking an event by inviting over friends and listening to lively music while everyone makes a big batch of their best comfort food to share with the group. It’s a fun way to get together, and each chef can take home a variety of delicious meals. Walmart has a wide selection of inexpensive, freezer-friendly containers.
  • Delight with dessert. When planning your comfort food menu, remember the sweet treats. There are still lots of locally grown fruits available, and it’s easy to make your own pie crust to fill with the best picks of the season. You can also make jams, jellies and preserves to enjoy summer fruits and vegetables throughout the long winter.
  • Give recipes as hostess gifts. Fall is a wonderful time for home entertaining. When you bring your most delicious dish to a dinner party, put it in a lovely bowl with the recipe printed on a pretty card to give as a hostess gift. Michael’s has everything you need.
  • Experiment with international cuisine. Every nationality has their own special meals they consider comfort food so try a variety of dishes. For added fun, host a theme night with food, décor and music from a different country. The Metro offers a wide range of international food items
  • Fill your home with cozy comfort. Create a cosy and inviting home with new candles and potpourri in warm scents. Snug and soft blankets and throws will keep you toasty through the fall and winter. You’ll warm up to the savings at Sears.

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