10 wickedly easy and cheap Halloween costume ideas

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By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca  

The witching hour is drawing near…will you be ready? If preparing your family for the annual Halloween haunt has you feeling spooked, have no fear—designing cool and creative costumes need not be a hair-raising experience. These quick, easy, and inexpensive ideas for last-minute costumes are perfect for a night of trick-or-treating or the masquerade party, and won’t scare the money out of your wallet. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  • Vampire. With the popularity of Twilight, vampires will be all the rage this year. This disguise can be simple—wear black clothing and add fake teeth, black lipstick, nail polish and eyeliner, with a touch of red blood, and a cape. Shopper’s Drug Mart and Rexall PharmaPlus have all your make-up essentials.
  • Ghost with a twist. An old favourite gets a new look! Make a ghost costume out of a bed sheet and dress it up. Add a wig, false eyelashes and lipstick for a Glamour Ghost; a tiara, jewellery and boa or a top hat and black jacket for a Rich Ghost; a hockey helmet and jersey for a Sports Ghost… you get the idea. Just use your imagination!
  • Bunch of grapes. Blow up purple balloons to the same size and attach them all over a purple or green sweat suit with tape or small safety pins. A green hat covered with grape leaves completes the look.
  • Static cling. Start with a dark coloured sweat suit and pin on socks, mittens, hats, underwear and dryer sheets. For an added touch, spray hair straight up in the air. Check out the Wal-Mart flyer for great deals on all the items you’ll need.
  • Spider. Get a hooded black sweat suit, three pairs of children’s black tights and black gloves. Cut the tights in half and stuff them to make six of the spider’s legs—the child’s arms are the other two legs—and attach them to the sweat suit at chest level.
  • Highway. Take a black sweat suit, and add yellow and white tape to create road lines and markings—reflective tape works well and is great for safety. With a glue gun, affix a collection of cars, trucks and street signs. Check out the Fabricland flyer for lots of options for great reflective materials.
  • Gift. Get a cardboard box and cut holes for the arms, legs and head. Cover with wrapping paper—using Christmas paper makes it a holiday gift. Check out Michael’s for ribbons and a gift tag, plus a bow for the head.
  • Dust bunny. Take a grey sweat suit and using spray glue, cover it with dryer lint or cotton batting. Add a bunny tail, bunny ears, and paint on a nose and whiskers.
  • Pile of leaves. Collect brightly coloured red and gold autumn leaves and glue them to a brown or green sweat suit and matching hat. You can also carry a rake, or pin a garbage bag at waist level with holes cut for the legs to become a bag of leaves.
  • Formal wear. If you have an evening gown or tuxedo you never wear, take it out on the town for Halloween night. Dress it up for red carpet glam, or paint your face like a zombie or vampire. Old bridesmaids dresses work great too—add a skeleton mask, cover yourself in cobwebs and tell people you’re “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”.
  • Last-minute treats. Do you have enough goodies for all the ghosts and goblins that will come a-knockin’? Metro and Overwaitea have devilish deals on sweet treats they’ll love.
  • Be seen and be safe. Be sure your little trick-or-treaters have reflective tape on their costumes to help motorists see them. And drivers, slow down on Halloween night and watch for excited goblins that may dash out into the street.

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