9 great wedding gift ideas for every budget

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By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca    

You’ve been invited to a wedding and your first thought (after what to wear!) is what gift to buy for the bride and groom—and how much to spend. If you vow to give the perfect present without saying “I do” to debt, read on. Here are 9 ideas for generous and memorable gifts that will fit every budget…so you can focus on the fit of your new outfit.

  • Buy from the gift registry. You may think buying from the gift registry is a bit impersonal. But the happy couple likely needs specific items or wants to complete a set of dishes or glassware, and selecting from the registry is a fast and easy way to give them a gift you know they’ll love. Visit The Bay flyer on Flyerland.ca for savings on gift items.
  • Don’t forget the groom. Gift registries are often home déco and “bride” focused, but there is also a lot of “guy” stuff newlyweds need like lawnmowers, power tools and electronics. See the Canadian Tire flyer on Flyerland.ca for lots of great “groom” ideas.
  • Be creative. These days many couples have been living on their own, so they don’t need to set up an entire household—in fact, they may be merging two. Give them a special treat they can enjoy together like a weekend getaway to their favourite resort, scuba diving lessons or theatre tickets. For extra special deals, check out Flyerland.ca.
  • Make it money. A wedding can be a big expense and most couples don’t want to dip into debt to celebrate this special occasion. When you give money, the bride and groom can choose to put it towards a down payment, their honeymoon or decide what they need most.
  • Give gift cards. If you’re not comfortable giving cash, gift cards are an excellent option. They can be really personal if you know the couples’ interests, and you can even contribute towards a special goal. For example, if they’re fixing up the backyard, Home Depot is an ideal choice, or if they want a new entertainment centre, a gift card from Best Buy or Future Shop is the perfect present. Check these retailers out on Flyerland.ca
  • Group gifts are great. If you have a limited budget, get together with another friend or group of friends and contribute to a larger gift. Your money will go further and you can give the couple a big ticket item on their list they really want and need.  To give the newlyweds an ‘experience’, look into Life Experiences for ideas out of the ordinary.  You can find them on Flyerland.ca!
  • Personalize your present. You don’t have to spend a lot to give a memorable gift. Create a video montage or photo album with fun memories, or have a special photo framed and engraved to commemorate the occasion.  Check out Black’s Photography online for creative ideas.
  • At your service. Do you have a special skill or service you can provide for the wedding or the newlyweds’ new home such as flower arranging, cake decorating, a limo service, carpentry or landscaping? They’ll be grateful for these really practical and unique gifts.
  • Finally, give what you can. The old tradition of giving a gift that is the same value as the wedding dinner is passé. Today, a wedding invitation is given because you’re valued by the bride and groom and they want you to share their special day. Remember, any gift will be greatly appreciated.

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