7 tips for saving with coupons

March 25, 2010 at 9:04 pm Leave a comment

By Debbie Frye, General Manager, Flyerland.ca

It seems that everyone is trying to save money these days, so it’s not surprising that coupons are one of the fastest growing categories online. If you feel that clipping coupons is kind of embarrassing or that you can’t save enough cash to make it worth the effort – we’ve got a surprise for you. But with discounts of 50 cents, and even a dollar or two on some items, the savings can add up quickly! Here a few helpful hints on how to easily incorporate coupons into your shopping routine. Remember, using coupons is totally cool…and what’s even cooler is all the money you’ll save!

  • Get coupons from a credible source. In Canada, retailers accept the glossy, two-sided coupons with a bar code. Newspapers are also a good source for coupons. When you visit Flyerland.ca you can rest assured that the printer-friendly coupons can be used at your favourite stores. Be careful with coupons found on blogs and other unfamiliar sites—it is a good idea to contact the retailer to make sure they are valid. And with all coupons, be sure to check the terms and expiry dates.
  • Order coupons each week. Every Monday, visit Flyerland.ca to request grocery coupons online. Through our partnership with Save.ca, your coupons will be mailed to you for delivery by Friday, just in time for your weekend shopping trip.
  • Use coupon booklets. Many retailers create coupon booklets that are packed with savings. For example, BLOCKBUSTER®  has offered a coupon book with $20 in savings and the Bay has a beauty passport with deals on selected items. Ask about coupon booklets at your regular stores.
  • Join loyalty programs. Register at Flyerland.ca to receive members-only coupon offers. If you belong to a loyalty program be sure to sign-up for e-newsletters and other online alerts to receive exclusive offers and special savings.
  • Only use coupons for items you need. A great coupon deal on an item you don’t need and will never use is not a deal at all. Only clip coupons for your regular products and toss the rest.
  • Keep a coupon organizer. File your coupons together in one place such as an envelope or small folder, and keep them in your purse or the glove box of your car so you’ll have them when you need them. Every few weeks, be sure to clean out the organizer and discard any coupons that have expired.
  • Redeeming made easy.  When paying for your purchases, be sure to let the cashier know you have coupons to redeem. Make it easier for him or her by placing your coupons with the appropriate items

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